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Shteinen develops sustainable and efficient technologies in industrial pollution control technology; it is specialized in several filtering systems for many industrial applications and for different process gas conditions and compositions. Dry flow Air Filters are washable synthetic air filters designed for an optimum combination of airflow, filtration, and performance.

Shteinen started to design and manufacture its own high-temperature ceramic filters for the gas desulfurization technology, to protect the process equipment from dust, without cooling down the process stream with evident energy saving. Now Shteinen team can offer an optimized and improved filter solution as a modular unit, adaptable to large application fields as:

  • Incineration process of various materials.
  • Manufacture of high-performance ceramic fibres.
  • Sulphuric acid recovery.
  • Burnout furnaces in lost wax foundries.
  • Plasma melting of catalyst for precious metal recovery.
  • Production of Nanomaterials.
  • Gasification of waste wood and other materials.
  • Pyrolysis of waste plastics and other materials.

Technical Features and Benefits

In dry gas filtration, the gas stream is heavily loaded with dust/solids which must be removed. For these gas cleaning applications, the gas filter units are equipped with specially designed gas filter elements resistant up to 1100°C also in a corrosive atmosphere. (The operating temperature limit is determined by the steel type used to support the filter elements). There are a number of advantages why it may be desirable to remove solids from a process gas at an elevated temperature:

  • Heat exchangers for heat recovery can be positioned after the filter, avoiding the deposition of particulate.
  • Operation above dew points for acid gases, thus minimizing corrosion.
  • The gas contains condensable liquids that are required to remain in the vapour phase
  • Operation and lower power consumption, filter systems don’t need dilution air, cyclones, spark arrestment or other complicated systems
  • The compact modular design saves space and lowers installation costs.
  • Proprietary reverse pulse cleaning gives efficient cleaning with lower compressed air demand.
  • Innovative system design allows on-line maintenance and element replacement.
  • High filtration efficiency with 99.99% can be achieved.
  • Slightly tapered elements, allowing aerodynamic flow around the elements and helping to avoid the build-up of particulate between the elements.

The ceramic filter element is flanged at one end and closed at the other. The elements are suspended vertically in the filter vessel from the plate, which separates the clean and contaminated section. The gas is sucked through the filter candles from outside to inside, depositing the dust particles on the external surface of the ceramic elements. At proper times pulses of air are blown into the internal side of the filter elements causing a reverse flow. The accumulated dust is detached from the external surface of the filter elements. The dust is collected in the bottom section of the vessel from which it is discharged.

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